About Us

Welcome to Something Blue, one of the leading Event Design and Florist companies based in Glasgow. Our passion is creating unforgettable events with first class service. We pride ourselves on our high standards, attention to detail and friendly nature. We specialise in; Event Planning, Bespoke Event Design, Fresh Flowers, Linen Hire, Backdrops and Lighting. Something Blue is an events company that you can trust, with customer service and strong ethical values at it's core. We started planning for the opening of the business in late 2016 with the aim of addressing the shortfalls of the industry and putting personal service at the forefront.

Lynn Glasgow

Whilst undertaking my duties as client liaison officer within a previous company providing events management we the staff were suddenly and without notice advised the business and my current employer was being forced to cease trading with immediate effect.

This fallout of the situation meant that many clients who had provided deposits and full balances for forthcoming events months in advance many of which were weddings were left in a helpless position causing sudden stress and anxiety and added pressure to what was already the biggest day of many of their life’s. As a recent newly-wed myself I felt a real sense of injustice for the many client’s I had personally dealt with and who would now be left picking up the pieces at such an important period in their life.

The whole situation left a deep rooted distaste within me. After much soul searching and discussion with family and friends I decided that I had to make an attempt to assist these unfortunate and unwitting clients who had been left high and dry in their moment of need. I made a decision there and then that I would honour every wedding, student ball, engagement party, birthday party, that was still outstanding and at no additional cost to the client. Although this was a massive challenge and a real strain on both resource and finance with the help of those close to me we have now managed to achieve our goal and fulfil all the obligations that we set out to achieve since May 2016. Many of the testimonials you will read on our website are from the very same clients discussed above. 

The old adage of hard work bringing opportunities has rung true for me. Through the various positive media coverage associated with my endeavours and the real positive feedback I was given by both clients and others within the industry I was approached by a friend who indicated that they would be willing to financially assist a new venture with myself at the helm.

"Something Blue"

“Something Blue” was born our new brand leaving previous history in the past. Our recent endeavours have unintentionally created the platform for our new code of ethics and standards of which we aim to provide to every customer regardless of their needs small or large. The level of personal service each client will receive will become the trademark of our brand. We have a real desire to give clients exactly what they want so we felt it important that in addition to having a detailed and easy to use website highlighting the thousands of different items we hold in stock like most event planning companies that we had to stretch the extra mile and provide our own showroom where the client can come and share their experience with what we have on offer with family, friends and loved ones in a relaxed and laid back atmosphere with experienced staff at hand to assist you get the finest details just right for the big day. We believe the level of service we provide at “Something Blue” will encourage you as a highly satisfied customer to share your experiences with those close to you allowing our business to grow organically through word of mouth and customer satisfaction which is at the forefront of all our ambitions here at “Something Blue”.

We look forward to you browsing our website or dropping by the showroom. We are here to answer any questions and assist in any way possible with a view to making your event just the way you pictured it.

Lynn Glasgow,
Managing Director, Something Blue